A Glider Flight Simulator

Designed by Glider Pilots

Having gone through glider flight school and doing some Condor Soaring races with glider buddies over the years, it became clear there was a real need for a well thought out glider sim rig that can work not only in a flight school or club environment on typical training gliders, but also for more modern high performance flapped gliders. That was the design inspiration for the most advanced sailplane simulator cockpit in the world
– The Glider Sim Pro.

Who We Are

Just Soaring

Glider pilots, engineers, supply chain and quality experts – we bring decades of track record and results to this business.

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Global Distribution

Worldwide Sales

We understand that virtual soaring and gliding simulators are a global sport spanning countries all over the world.

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World Final

2021 FAI eSports Grand Prix

Just Soaring is proud to be the top prize sponsor of the 1st Ever Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021.

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Back Seat Driver

Instructor Support

We often think of an extra set of controls or some command buttons for the instructor as a great thing for students.

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Just Soaring Glider Sim

Soaring Anytime, Anywhere

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