We often think of an extra set of controls or some command buttons for the instructor as a great thing for students. Flip it around for a moment and think how cool to have CFI's that can practice on the ground, what taking over flight controls looks and feels like. And yes -they can release from tow, or whatever.

What we are going to do (quite soon) is just write an app that we'll sell on the site (for very reasonable price) that will allow you to simply buy a run of the mill Logitech flight stick (these are like under $50 USD), install our app, and then plug in a standard flight stick that usually has loads of buttons on it as well - and those buttons can be assigned to do all sorts of things in Condor (air brakes, flaps, tow release, you name it..) In theory, wouldn't be hard to have two full sim rigs connected to simulate tandem cross country or giving the CFI a full set of controls. We are playing with that idea now - but again, technically not a high bar for us, just need to see if some demand there.

Reach out to us using the contact form on the home page or shoot us a mail at info@justsoaring.com and let us know if this is a feature you'd be interested in!

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